Help the Baiji

The Baiji or yangtze river dolphin is one of fout types of river dolphin. It lives only in the yangtze river basin on the east coast of china. In the 1950's

 there was a estimated population of 6,000 baiji, today there may be as few as two or three. But that is the thing, there may, people have given up on the baiji because they believe it is functionally extinct. This website is to try and find some people that would like to help me to try and find and save the last remaining baiji, i am going to the yangtze river basin probably next year although the exact date is not confirmed yet, this is the last chance, is we can get a small group of people together to try and find the last few we could save this magnificent species. If you are intrested to try and help in anyway whatsoever please email me at
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